The Mission

Elbstake Hamburg is not intended to make profit for now.

I – „Proview“ – only intend to run the Pool as a long term Cardano Enthusiast and to maintain the Cardano Network to support the project.

I would like to learn more about being a Stakepool Operator and train hard on getting better at it.

I love to get to know more Cardano Community Members so if you would like to Chat feel free to contact me anytime 🙂

The Pool

Elbstake is run on a secure Cloudcomputer hosted on STRATO on a Datacenter in Berlin, Germany (because I did not find a Provider who hosts directly in Hamburg for now:P ). If I ever decide to work as an Stakepool Operator I promise to provide a in-dept look on my setup;)

Learn More

Wanna become a Stakepool Operator yourself? Why not check out STRATO?

Find out more below

Wanna know more about Cardano?

Check out the link below

Wanna support Elbstake Stakepool?

You can send ADA to this Address to support me in becoming a better Operator.

I will use your donations for maintaining the node and expand the Pool even further.


See you on the other Side:)
Keep stacking!